Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fun with Gas Shortages

This is a picture from the BP on the corner of Roswell and Hammond around 10AM on Sept. 24th. Check out the 4runner and the van in the left-center of the picture. The parking lot was in complete gridlock and after people finished pumping they could not get out. This 4runner had its reverse lights on the whole time I was there and kept moving 6 inches forward and back trying to get out.

I was lucky and pulled up on the Roswell Road side and someone left just as I pulled up. After getting up to the pump I got a few nasty looks from the people literally "stuck" in their line. They could not have gotten out of line to take the free pump if they would have wanted to but that didn't make the older gentleman in the white Infiniti in the foreground of the picture stop giving me the evil eye. He wasn't a fan of me snapping this pic either. As I left the 4runner guy was out of his car walking around trying to negotiate with other drivers a plan to free up the gridlock and get things moving again.

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